Japanese unique and ritualised business culture is one of the most misunderstood aspects of doing business in Japan and can be seen as the biggest obstacle. ConnectwithJapan works with clients to develop cross cultural competence and helps clients gain an understanding of the fundamental principles needed to successful do business in and with the Japanese, which in turn enable relationships to be forged which set the foundations for sustainable business success.

Services for businesses include:

Working effectively with the Japanese workshops – for individuals or companies working with Japanese companies, undertaking, or establishing a joint venture with Japanese partners.
These sessions will provide each attendee with an awareness of the psychological make up of Japanese colleagues and strategies for successfully working with them. The sessions will provide an in-depth understanding of Japanese culture, improve communication skills, provide ideas and examples of how to overcome cultural challenges and help with maximizing potential when working with the Japanese.

Each attendee will gain invaluable insights into Japanese culture that will enable them to act more effectively by:

• Interacting more confidently and avoiding any cultural faux pas

• Communicating clearly and handling any potential conflict carefully

• Responding appropriately to Japanese colleagues’ expectations and minimising confusion

• Improving negotiating skills and persuading convincingly

• Presenting and pitching and creating convincing presentations for a Japanese audience

• Market research, identifying potential partners and setting up meetings with potential clients.• Liaison with key partners and customers on the ground

• Understanding Japanese customers and elevating your customer service to attract more Japanese customers

• Translation of business cards into Japanese

• Translation of corporate brochure/presentations into Japanese



Wales Tourism Expo Connect with Japan


For the Japanese, it has to be worthwhile travelling the 7,000 miles to the UK, therefore they are not expecting a re-creation of Japan, but a British experience that is sensitive to customer needs and shows attention to detail.
Visitors from Japan spent an average £1,011 per night compared to the market average on GBP £625 and over 270,000 Japanese visitors came to the UK in 2019.

The Japanese appreciate and notice small touches and are discerning customers. In Japan the customer is considered to be Kamisama or ‘God so there is an expectation of a high level of detail and care when it comes to customer service.

ConnectwithJapan can enable businesses engaged in tourism to gain a competitive advantage by understanding and responding to Japanese customers’ expectations and delivering excellent customer service.

These services include:

• Individual or group training sessions on customer service and Japanese culture and etiquette

• How to meet the needs of the Japanese customer and incorporate elements of Japanese customer service in your business

• Japanese language for Tourism training

• Translation services for your company brochure and/or website

• Customer feedback questionnaires in Japanese and then a report provided in English

• Understanding and responding to reviews of your business/product in Japanese

• Hands on support with large groups of Japanese customers

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Connect with Japan can assist you and your teams with the following services to enable you to optimize resources and focus on key operational excellence while delivering training camps or during key competitions in Japan.

• Cultural and etiquette training and practical advice and tips for athletes, management teams and support services

• How to increase your team’s presence on Japanese social media

• Support with the creation of a high quality rich media content in Japanese to follow the team’s/individual athlete’s journey

• Business card translation

• Advice and tips on how to build relationships with counterparts in Japan

• Understanding Food and Drink & the Do’s and Don’ts

• Socialising in Japan and its importance

• The importance of gift giving and the etiquette of gift giving

• Understanding the Japanese medical system and what to do in an emergency

• Getting around in Japan

• Basic language and survival Japanese



Teaching Japanese in School Connect with Japan

Rachel has experience of teaching in primary schools in France and in both primary and secondary schools in Japan. She has also carried out a number of ‘Introduction to Japan and the Japanese language’ taster days in primary and secondary schools across the North West and is very passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience of Japan and Japanese with school students.
Rachel uses interactive games, songs and arts and crafts to introduce pupils to Japanese language and culture and typical classes for primary schools cover the following topics:

• Geography of Japan

• Religions of Japan

• Japanese school system

• Japanese traditions

• Sports in Japan

• Clothing

• Festivals

• Seasons

• Counting in Japanese

• Greetings in Japanese

• Introductions in Japanese